Top 10 Mobiles Phone available on Amazon

There are going to be huge discounts and some amazing deals for smartphones that are available on Amazon. Today we are going to discuss these excellent discounts and deals on Amazon Top 10 Mobiles Phone. Let’s get right onto the devices and the large discounts available.

Top 10 Mobile smartphones Available on Amazon

LG G7 Thinq

The flagship phone by LG for 2018 is the G7 Thinq. An excellent device with top-notch specifications. An excellent and high-quality QHD+ screen, with one of the best dual camera combination including an ultra-wide camera which is capable of recording 4K videos. It certainly offers a lot of quality and quantity for the buck rounding it off with the latest flagship processor from Snapdragon and 6 GB ram. It has IP68 certification which means its waterproof up to 1.5-meter water for 30 minutes.

The camera is one of a kind in the market right now as there are no dual cameras with a wide-angle lens. You can use it to capture group photos, gather a large number of people in the frame or just capture excellent landscapes using all the fields you can have.

With excellent specifications, a gorgeous design with a great specs-to-body ratio and a great price, this is a great deal going on at Amazon because of black Friday right now and you should get yours right away. Not a deal to miss.

iPhone XS

When the Black Friday arrives, everybody knows that’s when you’ve to get the Apple devices you usually deem too expensive. The all-new and all beautiful iPhone XS is having some big discounts going on right now that you can get right now.

The iPhone XS was introduced by Apple just a month ago and it ticked all the right boxes to become an immediate hit. The camera is the best on the market, the performance is the best you could get on a phone in today’s world. It has a bigger version too which goes around by the name of XS Max which we will discuss below.

The iPhone XS is a beautiful device with an excellent stainless steel design and the best screen on any smartphone right now. There are big discounts going to be available on this device.

The iPhone XS Max is a bigger iPhone XS with an even higher resolution screen and the same high-end specifications. It’s waterproof, has dual cameras used to capture excellent portraits and landscapes. The faceID works incredibly fast and it’s safe. The beautiful 6.5” high definition jaw-dropping Super AMOLED screen is HDR and 3D touch-enabled. It’s a big device but it is one of the best ones out there. There are some great deals available on the iPhone XS Max this black Friday on Amazon too. Check it out.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 maybe a year old but its sales are not slowing down at all. It’s because the device still offers impressive performance and amazing camera performance even when compared with today’s devices. The declining price works in the favor of the device because the cheaper it is, the more affordable for people it will be. It’s one of the most user-friendly and compact devices available in the market today and some people just want a device that fits in their hands nicely.

Today it’s going for a big discount on its price on Amazon and for anybody who has ever wanted this device, now’s the time. It has everything you want from an iPhone, even that multi-functional, touch ID enabled home button which a lot of people miss in the new iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy S9

One half of the flagship duo by Samsung is the Galaxy S9. Rated by many as the best android smartphone in the world and by a few as the best smartphone in the world right now, the Galaxy S9 is downright stunning. Its design was rated as the best by many, its performance is flawless and it’s waterproof.

The glass design is beautiful, the performance is top quality, the camera has a variable aperture which accounts for the best night time photography by phone in the modern world, and it’s by a brand that is known for its reliability and durability. And the infinity display is just icing on the cake. And for people who might take it as a blessing, it has a headphone jack which you can use to plug in any kind of headphones or earphones you want.

For people who are android fans or just want a customizable UI or are just tired of using the iPhones, this is the best choice there is out there and it’s affordable too. There are huge discounts going on the Samsung Galaxy S9 on this black Friday on Amazon and you can get yours right away by clicking on the link below.

iPhone X

Whenever a newer iPhone comes out, a big portion of the people wait for it to arrive in the markets so they can buy the last year’s model at a big price cut, say no more. The iPhone X is here for that purpose alone.

A futuristic phone introduced by Apple with an excellent modern processor, dual cameras and a modern design that beats all. FaceID that is incredibly fast and completely secure. It has infrared face scanning technology which it uses to recognize faces really quickly even in the dark when there’s no light to deal with at all.

Top 10 Mobiles Phone

The cameras on this phone were the best last year and they still remain one of the best this year. The design is virtually the same as the newer iPhones, some might say this is the better one. It supports fast charging and wireless charging. It has a gorgeous 5.8” high definition screen and all the right features to make it one of our top picks this black Friday on amazon.

It’s going for a big discount already. You can save $214.99 if you order one right now. That is an excellent deal because some phones are almost worth that much.

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